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Discover what nourishments and beverages will help you take full advantage of your game and wellness sports exercises. Responding to specific beauty concerns and needs, Clarins skin care products for over forty-years have developed ground-breaking treatments, promoting the youthful vitality and radiance of the skin. Clarins skin care has provided a comprehensive range of products that address one’s personal beauty requirements including Exfoliating Treatments and Masks, Facial Cleansers, delicate Eye Contour Care, on top of treatments that upholds Daily Radiance, Extra-Firming Care, and Moisturizing Care for more adult skin.

Clarins skin care treatments include Classic Face and Body Treatments, Pro-Active Facial Treatments, Pro-Active Body Treatments, The Final Touches, Express Face and Body Zone Treatments, Blissful Beginnings Treatments, Treatments for Men, Spa Experience, and Aromablend.

Classic Face & Body Treatments
These classic treatments of Clarins skin care designed for the face and body, is the perfect beginning to Clarins Touch, featuring a sensory, relaxing encounter individually designed to suit ones skin requirements. The classic treatment choices include Personal Blend of Aromatic Facial, Body Treatments, and Body Exfoliation Treatment.

Pro-Active Facial Treatments
These intensive Clarins skin care treatments center on Clarins Touch by means of ultra-concentrated specialized products, Pro-Intensive Plus Formula, which are reserved solely for the trained therapists of Clarins. The products do have homecare counterparts for the continuous benefit of ones skin. The treatments include age defying, hydrating, radiance, whitening, purifying, and super-restorative.

Pro-Active Body Treatments
These Clarins skin care treatments use lively plant extorts and aromatic oils concentrated formulations, applied with expert massage movements. The treatment is designed to redefine the contours of the body, and streamline, as well as toning problem areas or renewing aging, stressed body skin.

The Final Touches
The treatment is focused on enhancing the natural beauty and the little extras that create a bid difference, such as aromatic feet and hand treatments, self tanning, waxing, pedicure, manicure, and demonstration of make-up, as well as application techniques and tips.

Express Face and Body Zone Treatments
The treatments are fast response treatments that center on various body zones that target the problem areas to have an improve look and feel. Treatments include face work, back work, leg work, eye work, bust and décolleté work, and scalp, neck, and shoulder work.

Other Clarins skin care treatments and products are available for the variety of skin care needs, with every single one responding to the necessities of thousands of women and men all over the globe. The unrivalled experience of Clarins skin care treatments and products have maintained the skin’s health and beauty, as well as restoring both the mind and body’s natural balance.